How to become a Model...
It all starts with a model composite card

Whether you're a working or aspiring model, actor or other fashion or entertainment industry professional, savvy print and design is essential to your brand. The first and most basic tool you will need is a printed card with a composite of your best images.  This is the Model Composite Card.  If you are an actor, you will also need a (8x10) actor headshot with your resume or other related information printed on the back.  OTL Graphics offers packages containing both.  Cilck here to view our combination packages. In order to break into the industry, a strong model composite card, or 8x10 headshot reproduction is essential.  You’ll need these to submit, introduce and showcase yourself to agents to secure representation as well as to present to casting directors and clients at your auditions.  Your printed model composite card or 8x10 headshot is your introduction to them.  Agents are the ones that will submit you for castings and auditions and establishing relationships with them to gain exposure and have success is a must.  In order to do that, agents require that you submit your printed card (or 8x10 headshot) as an introduction to YOU. 
And you’ll always want to have your model composite card or 8x10 headshot available at your auditions when the casting director or client asks you, "do you have a composite card or headshot?".  Providing a printed card leaves a lasting impression beyond just the 1's and 0's of digital submissions and can most times make the difference between being passed over and actually booking the job!

We are working models, actors and entertainment professionals working in the industry NOW!  As such, we're always happy to share our expertise and knowledge with you.  We can help in every step of designing and printing your model composite card, or 8x10 actor headshot.  We can help you pick the images, provide photographer referrals, perform digital photo re-touching  and provide advice on representation.  And of course we will design and print the best finished product available.  This includes model composite cards, 8x10 actor headshots, business cards, postcards, envelopes, stickers, canvas prints and much more.  Our model composite cards are printed on premium 130# Silk Card Stock and we offer a variety of UV coatings.  For over 2 decades we have raised the bar for design savvy solutions and premium quality printing.

Are you looking for something you don't see on our site?  Just give us a call or send us an email.  We would love to chat about your project.